How Photography is Essential to Corporate Branding

Ries Erol
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Corporate photography is a means by which companies communicate their personality, uniqueness, and professionalism to customers, and understanding this could help you land a lucrative job. Corporate photography of the past was limited to images of smiling professionals and handshakes of people in business attire. Often these images were co-opted from stock photos.

In the competitive world of business today, companies realize the importance of using a corporate photographer to create a specific personality of the company at large as well as of their employees.

Feeling a Connection

Photography used for branding must begin with company leaders and other personnel and employees. Headshots are important, but in the competitive market it is important to be creative with these images so customers can feel a connection.

Team Photography

Common in corporate branding is team photography. This is an ideal way of giving consumers a feel for the company as a whole. It is also a way to attract new and talented employees to the brand. Many modern companies are going for a feel of uniqueness over conformity, thereby foregoing a specific dress code. There may be a certain style of dress that is appropriate for different business models, but in a highly competitive and creative market, avoiding the feeling of conformity can be advantageous.

In fact, this along with using non-traditional locations for the photography can help promote the company’s culture and personality. Examples of the latter are images of team members taken at a sporting event, instead of just standing underneath signage in the office.

It helps when taking team photos to make the photography session light-hearted and fun so those being photographed do not tighten up and end up posing awkwardly. One great way to convey a real feeling of the personality and culture of the office environment is to take photos of employees in the midst of their element.

Simply roam around the office and take candid shots of the team at work. If there are unique and awesome break areas, like with ping-pong tables and other interesting elements that speak to the culture of the company, be sure to capture it with photos.

Interior Design & Offices

While photographing the team in their element will surely capture some of the personality and culture of the company, so too will photographing the element itself. That is, photographing the office design itself speaks to the organization and culture of the company.

The office layout communicates to potential employees and consumers the personality and culture of the company. An understanding of interior architectural photography is a must when shooting office spaces.

Corporate Event Photography

Lastly, corporate branding can be accomplished through corporate event photography. This means taking photographs of employees and guests taking part in corporate events. These events may include receptions, conferences, holiday or birthday parties, or even sales events. In this way potential employees and consumers can witness the personality and culture of the company in action outside of the office.

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